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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is ENPC a privately or publicly owned entity?

+ What is the purpose of the Strategic Fuel Reserve Facility?

+ When will the Strategic Fuel Reserve Facility be constructed, it has been years since it’s been pending

+ How much fuel will be stored at the strategic fuel reserve facility?

+ How will ENPC contribute towards the social and economic development of Eswatini?

+ What exactly does ENPC do?

+ Is ENPC a regulator of fuel?

+ How does ENPC generate revenue?

+ Will ENPC be the sole fuel source for the country?

+ Where is ENPC based?

+ Does ENPC offer Internship and Graduate-In-Training opportunities for tertiary students?

+ What are the operating hours for ENPC?

  • Monday – Thursday: 0800hrs to 1645hrs
  • Fridays: 0800hrs to 1630hrs
  • ENPC offices are closed between 1300hrs and 1400hrs
  • ENPC offices are closed on Eswatini’s public holidays

+ Are there any other products which ENPC will trade in other than fuel?

+ How do I apply for a job at ENPC?

+ Will ENPC operate filling stations?

+ Does ENPC produce the petroleum products or it imports them from other countries?